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Lutherie Books

One of Europe's best sources for books on violin makers and making

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The Stradivari Legacy, Carlo Chiesa and Duane Rosengard (Standard £110.00 Deluxe £195.00)

The Voller Brothers, J. Dilworth, A.Fairfax, J.Milnes, £80.00

The Voller Brothers, J. Dilworth, A.Fairfax, J.Milnes, Deluxe Edition, £195.00

The Messiah Violin: A Reliable History?, Nicholas Sackman, £35.00

The Girolamo Amati Viola in the Galleria Estense, Scrollavezza and Zanré,  £110.00

Liuteria Piemontese – Annibale Fagnola, G. Accornero, et al.,  £200.00

Marino Capicchioni e Mario Capicchioni liutai, Lorenzo Frignani, Pio Sbrighi, £115.00

Meisel Family , K. Lothar Meisel , Betty Vos, £140.00

Ferdinando Garimberti £200.00

Celeste Farotti “Portrait of a violin maker”, Giovanni Iviglia, £55.00

G.B Guadagnini e gli interpreti del Novecento, G.Accornero et al.,  £195.00

Guarneri del Gesu, Panette 1737 C.Chiesa, et al., £150.00

Il Conte Cozio Di Salabue, G.Accornero, et al.,  £150.00

Count Ignazio Alessandro Cozio di Salabue, A Dipper, D.Woodrow, No.794/995 £160.00

Anno 1733 Carlo Bergonzi fece in Cremona, £60.00

Antonio Stradivari The Cremona Exhibition of 1987, C. Beare £250.00

Antonio Stradivarius – Violoncello Stauffer ex Cristiani 1700, £90.00

The Carlo Bergonzi Violins in Baron Johann Knoop's Collection S &Z, 2022, £155.00

Stradivarius, C.Beare, P.Beare, et al., Ashmolean, 2013. As new, in shrinkwrap, £125.00                

Sale after the Death of J.B. Vuillaume. Facsimile of the 1880 auction catalogue of  items

  from J.B. Vuillaume's workshop. £15.00 (in French, introduction in English J.Basford)

Antonio Stradivari His Life and Work, London, W.E. Hill & Sons, 1902. Hardback. Condition:

  Very Good. No Jacket.  First edition, 4to (292 x 206mm.) 31 plates, mostly in colour,

  captioned tissue-guards, numerous illustrations in the text. Original vellum-backed green

  cloth with Stradivari coat-of-arms in red and gilt to upper cover. £325.00

The Violin-makers of the Guarneri Family, London W. E. Hill & Sons, London, 1931.

  Hardback. Condition: Very Good. First Edition. xxxvii, 181pp; 14 col plates, 44 photogravure

  plates + text ills, appendices. Original green/gray cloth with wide vellum spine (quarter  

  vellum);   coloured armorial on front cover; top edge gilt. £325.00

Antonio Stradivari His Life and Work, W.E. Hill & Sons 1980 £125.00

W.E. Hill & Sons: Violin makers, 1880-1936, Basford & Toft £95.00

W.E. Hill & Sons: Violin makers, 1880-1936, Basford & Toft deluxe edition £275.00

I Violoncelli di Antonio Stradivari, CLASC , 2004 £195.00

Edward Withers Ltd, Whone, 1996 £40.00

The Violin Makers of the Guarneri Family, A., A., and W. Henry Hill, Holland Press, 1965

  (Dedication from, and signed by, Malcolm Sadler, with Dollin and Sadler stamp) £60.00

The Guadagnini Family of Violin Makers, Doring, 1st Edition £95.00 (ex-library, loose binding)

G.B. Guadagnini e gli Interpreti del  Novecento, Accorneo et al, 2008 (Italian& English) £260.00

I Segreti di Sgarabotto, Scrollavezza and Zanré, 2020, £295.00

Walter H. Mayson: A Celebrated Violin Maker, Meredith Morris, 1906, £30.00

The Countess of Stanlein Restored, N.Delbanco, 2001, £5.00

Notice of Anthony Stradivari, F.J. Fétis, W.Reeves, 1864, £50.00

Thomas Smith Violin Makers 1881-1981 Centenary,  8 page booklet, £10.00

John Askew the Stanhope Violin Maker, W.M. Egglestone, 1st edition, 1914, £60.00

John Joseph Merlin: The Ingenious Mechanick, Anne French, et al., £20.00

Il DNA degli Amati, (in Italian and English), £60.00

Violins, Vuillaume 1798-1875: A Great French Violin Maker of the 19th Century £90.00

J.B. Vuillaume, R.Millant (In English, French and German),  £80.00

The Viola da Gamba, Nathalie  Dolmetsch, 4th edition, (dust wrapper some discolouration otherwise  

   v.good), £15.00

La Liuteria Lombarda del ‘900 (in Italian and English) Some marks to cover, £55.00

Benjamin Banks The Salisbury Violin Maker 1727-1795, A. Cooper, £30.00

Ansaldo Poggi, Liutaio, G.Carletti, in Italian and English, £40.00

The Violin Masterpieces of Guarneri del Gesù, P.Biddulph, 1994, £275.00

Antonius Stradivarius, D.J. Balfoort, tr. W.A.G. Doyle-Davidson, in English, £5.00

Storia di una Vernice per Violini, Lapo Casini, 1957, in Italian, 166pp + 4pp appendix, scarce, £70.00

Il Manoscritto Liutario di G.A. Marchi, R.Regazzi, 1986, in Italian and English, £135.00

Sesto Rocchi, G. Boretti, 1994, (with 1996 Sesto Rocchi exhibition leaflet), £225.00

Gaetano e Pietro Sgarabotto, ed. G. Spotti, 1991, £160.00

Husliar Osvald J. Willman, M. Kresák, in Slovak, £25.00

The Tuscan and Le Messie, W. E. Hill & Sons, 1976, £30.00

Gio. Paolo Maggini: His Life and Work, M. Huggins and W.E. Hill & Sons, 1892, includes original slip

   advertising their forthcoming book on Gasparo da Salo – it never appeared. Small folio 90 pages,

   gold embossed cloth, slightly worn, front end papers foxed, otherwise very good, £90.00

Antonio Stradivari, H. Petherick, 1900,  £8.00


99 + 1 Historical Stamped German Bows, M.Wohlleber,  £100.00

Les Archetiers de la Famille Bazin, J-F. Raffin et al., £240.00

Deutsche Bogenmacher, vols 1&2, Klaus Grünke, et al., in slipcase, (German and English),£375.00

Dictionary Of British Violin And Bow Makers,  Dennis G. Plowright  £35.00

The Brompton’s Book of Violin and Bow Makers, J. Dilworth, £180.00

The Essential Guide to Bows of the Violin Family, G.Schaff, £40.00

The German Bow: A Study Exhibit of German Bow Making, Bruce Babbitt, Yung Chin, £130.00

The Hill Bow Makers 1880–1962, Derek Wilson, John Milnes, £90.00

Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers, W.Henley, £175.00

Loan Exhibition Stringed Instruments and Bows, New York City, 1966 £90.00

The Hill Collection, Boyden, 1970, (Dust wrapper edges tatty) £18.00

The Hill Collection, Boyden, 1985, (clean copy) £25.00

Old Violins Violas and Violoncellos and Bows, Rudolph Wurlitzer Co. c.1926 £40.00

Good Violins Bows and Accessories, Rudolph Wurlitzer Co. 1938 (some staining to cover

  and adjacent pages) £40.00

Exceptional German Bows of the Violin Family from the 19th & 21st Century, Ed. J.Gabriel & A.Lim,

(some slight staining to cover), £40.00

Bow Instruments: Their Form and Construction, W.J. Giltay, 1923?, cover detached, £10.00

Bows and Bow Makers, W.C. Retford, 1964, flyleaf signed ‘Brian Harvey’ in pencil, £75.00

The Natural History of the Musical Bow, H. Balfour, 1899, later quarter bound leather, £50.00

L’Archet Révolutionnaire 1700-1800, Tome 1, 2015, £120.00

Dictionary of Twentieth Century Italian Violin Makers, M. Brinser, 1982, (stains to cover, some

   corners turned, but otherwise good) £55.00

The Bow its History Manufacture and Use, H. Saint-George, Kellow reprint, £10.00


The Carel van Leeuwen Boomkamp Collection of Musical Instruments, £20.00

The Emil Herman Collection Vol I & II, £220.00

Mr Blacks Violins, Andrew Hooker, £120.00

A Living Legacy – Historic stringed instruments at the Juilliard School, Lisa B. Robinson,  £50.00

The Henry Hottinger Collection, Rembert Wurlitzer Incorporated, 1967 £75.00

Loan Exhibition Stringed Instruments and Bows, New York City, 1966 £90.00

Old Violins Collection 1896-97 with Historical Sketches, Lyon & Healy, 1896 (tear to cover)


The Hill Collection, Boyden, 1970, (Dust wrapper edges tatty) £18.00

The Stradivari Influence Exhibition Part III The Stradivari Influence, December

  1987   (with invitation card of Ealing Strings signed by Malcolm Sadler) £25.00

Violins of France, A Retrospective Exhibition Presented by Jacques Francais, Lincoln Center

  1971   (18 page catalogue, slight marks and scuffs to paper cover) £25.00

Old Violins Violas and Violoncellos and Bows, Rudolph Wurlitzer Co. c.1926 £40.00

17th, 18th and 19th Century Rare Violins, Rudolph Wurlitzer Co. c.1934 £40.00

Good Violins Bows and Accessories, Rudolph Wurlitzer Co. 1938 (some staining to cover

  and adjacent pages) £40.00

The Becket Collection of Historical Musical Instruments, Rattray, et alia, RA London, 2010,


Musical Instrument Collections: Catalogues and Cognate Literature, J. Coover, 1981, some pencil

   annotations, £20.00

Benjamin Banks Violin Maker and Citizen of Salisbury, A. Cooper, 16pp booklet sold with copy of

   Exhibition Handlist for Salisbury and Wiltshire Museum Exhibition  15.04-23.07 1989 £10.00

Antonio Stradivari, P.Biddulph, F. Chaudière, Museè Fabre, 2008, (some marks to cover) £15.00

An Exhibition of the Work of J.B. Vuillaume, Ingles & Hayday, 2012, £10.00

The British Violin, exhibition guide, 40pp, with original errata sheet, £10.00

L’Espozione di Liuteria Antica a Cremona nel 1937, 1987 reprint, English, German, Italian, £32.00

Mostra di Antonio Stradivari 1963, 1996, English, Italian, German, French, £60.00

Musical Instruments at the Victoria and Albert Museum, intro., C. Patey, 32pp, £5.00


Die Alemannische Schule, O. Adelmann, 1990,  in German, £125.00

The Makers of Central Italy, Florian Leonhard, £300.00 

The Makers of Tuscany, Florian Leonhard, £350.00

Roma & I Suoi Leutari, C.Lebet, £200.00

The British Violin, T.Baker, et al., £190.00

Les Violons – Venetian Instruments, Paintings and Drawing £80.00

Geigen aus Venedig, A. Greither, (in German), £25.00

Lituai Piemontesi fra XIX e XX sec. da Pressenda a Fagnola £45.00

Liuteria Moderna in Emilia-Romagna, A. Versari, £220.00

Italian and French Violin Makers, volume I, pub. Jost Thone, £325.00

Italian and French Violin Makers,volumes III & IV, pub. Jost Thone, £650.00

Italienische Violinen des 18.Jahrhunderts, John Huber  £75.00

1520 – 1724 Liutai In Brescia,  Eric Blot, £300.00

Index of Mirecourt Luthiers 1886, J.Basford, 2017, £15.00

Index of Mirecourt Luthiers 1896, J.Basford, 2019, £15.00

Index of Mirecourt Luthiers 1901, J.Basford, 2021, £15.00

Alte Meistergeigen Vol VII Die Turiner Schule, 1981, (text in German) £95.00

​Violin Makers. The Renaissance of Italian Lutherie DVD, Zanrè and Parmiggiani £30.00

British Violin Makers, Meredith Morris, 1920 2nd edition £12.00

Deutsche Bogenmacher, K.Grunke  £345.00

Liuteria Italiana, Volume I Eric Blot, new extended edition £199.00

Liuteria Italiana, Volume II Eric Blot, £225.00

Liuteria Italiana, Volume IV Eric Blot, £288.00

Meister Italianischer Geigenbaukunst, Fridolin Hamma, First ed. £275.00

Meister Italianischer Geigenbaukunst, Walter Hamma, £75.00

Violin Makers of Hungary, P.Benedek, in German and English (scuffs to dustwrapper otherwise   

   v.good) £195.00

Beautiful Italian Violins, K. Jalovec, 1963, (good clean copy), £50.00

Masterpieces of Italian Violin Making: 1620-1850, D. Rattray, 1991, signed by the author, £150.00


Come Nasce un Violino, G. Nicolini, G. Scolari, (in Italian) £25.00

La Casa Nuziale, A Baruzzi, 1962, English translation Desmond Hill, £30.00

The Romance of the Fiddle, E.van der Straeten, 1st edition, 1911, £70.00

Known Violin Makers, J.H. Fairfield, 1973, £15.00

A Handbook of Music and Musicians, H.W. Wells, 1912, £10.00

Dictionary of Contemporary Violin and Bowmakers, C. Woodcock, £25.00

Contemporary Violin Makers, Volume VI, C. Woodcock, 1st Edition 1965, £20.00

Old English Instruments of Music, F.W. Galpin, Methuen, 1978, £10.00

An Encyclopedia of the Violin, A. Bachman, Appleton & Co., 1926, £35.00

An Encyclopedia of the Violin, A. Bachman, Da Capo, 1967, £20.00

   Die Geigen und Lautenmacher, W. Lutgendorff, 1922, volume I: 422 pp, 98 pp of plates of   

   instruments, 149 illustrations, volume II: 679 pp., facsimiles of 853 labels, in German, one volume

   has spine cover half detached but contents reasonable in both volumes, £220.00

History of the Violin, Sandys and Forster, 1864, Good quality new hardback binding, £40.00

History of the Violin, Sandys and Forster, 1864, Fine original gold blocked ¼ leather binding, £95.00

Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers, W.Henley, £175.00

Varnishes and very curious secrets, Cremona 1747 Ed. Vincenzo Gheroldi £32.00

The Brompton’s Book of Violin and Bow Makers, J. Dilworth, £180.00

La Pochette du Maitre a Danser, C. Lebet, £120.00

Dictionary Of British Violin And Bow Makers,  Dennis G. Plowright  £35.00

The History of the Violin, two volumes, E.van der Straeten, Cassel, 1st edition, 1933, £95.00.

The Violin and Its Story, Abele, trans. Alwyn, 1905, £12.00

The Violin, Dubourg, 5th edition 1878, £22.00

The Violin: Its Construction Theoretically and Practically Treated, P. Davidson, 1881, original plans 

   still present, some foxing, ex W.E. Hill & Sons Collection, £40.00

The Violin Makers: Portrait of a Living Craft, Alburger, 1978 (ex-library), £10.00

The Violin Book, Stowell, et alia, 1999, (some fading to slipcase) £22.00

Esterby’s not so fine Musical Instruments, Barker and Cambridge Violin Makers, 1991, £12.00

Guarneri, Violin Maker of Genius, L. Wibberley, (fiction), £5.00

Fiddles: Their Selection, Presentation and Betterment, H. Saint-George, 2nd ed. 1921, £8.00

The Art of Tone Production on the Violoncello, Emil Krall, 1923, £6.00

The Value of Old Violins, E. Polonaski, 1912, £28.00

Violins and Violinist, F.Farga, 3rd impression 1955, (ex-library) £12.00

Old Musical Instruments, G.Gábry, Corvina Press, 1969, £10.00

What Are the Broad Distinguishing Marks of a ... Stradivari Violin, Balfour & Co.,

  1901,  (small corner tears to cover, small margin tears to pages) £30.00

The Violin and Viola, M.Robinson, (children’s book from 1976 with interesting pictures from the 1960s-1970s of W.E. Hill & Sons shop in New Bond Street.) £10.00

The Violin Hunter, W.A. Silverman, 1981, £30.00

Musical Instruments and their Decoration, C. Rueger, 1982, in slipcase, (Fine copy)£20.00

How to tell the Nationality of Old Violins, Balfour & Co., Kell reprint £5.00

Fiddlers in Fiction, M.J. Levith, £10.00

Il Violino, A. Conforti, in Italian, £20.00

Researches into the Early History of the Violin Family, C. Engel, 1965, £15.00

A Dictionary of Violin Makers, C. Stainer, n.d., pencil annotations to back cover, £5.00

A Dictionary of Violin Makers, C. Stainer, Novello, revised edition,  £5.00

The Violin, P.Peterlongo, 1979, £55.00

Old Violins and Violin Lore, H.R. Haweis, some spotting to dustwrapper, £15.00

The Violin: A Social History ..., D. Schoenbaum, signed by the author with dedication to Brian and

   Carol Harvey, 1st edition 2013, £35.00

The Violin Book, ed. R. Dawes, 1999, in slipcase (which has some white paint on it!) £30.00

The Violin and Old Violin Makers, A. M. Clarke, William Reeves, London, n.d., £10.00

The Art of Violin Playing, F. Thistleton, 1924, £5.00

Violine und Violinspiel, R. Jodisch, 1911, in German, £12.00

Cremona Violins: F our letters descriptive of those exhibited in 1873 at the South Kensington Museum. Also giving the data for producing the true varnishes used by the great Cremona makers,   

   C. Reade, reprinted from the Pall Mall Gazette by G.H.M. Muntz, 1873, leather outer missing,  

   boards intact, £40.00

The Violin: Famous Makers and their Imitators, G. Hart, enlarged, revised edition, 1909, £15.00

Violin Tone and Violin Makers, H. Moya and T. Piper, 1916, signed by Towry Piper, £40.00

Trois Siècles de l’Histoire du Violon 1617-1917, G. Piccoli, 1954, in french, uncut pages, £20.00


The British Violin Makers Guild, promotional booklet c.1915, 24 pages paperback, £45.00

Violins Violas Cellos Double Basses Strings and Accessories, Rushworth & Draper, n.d. £40.00

Arte Liuteria, Carlo Vettori, 24 page booklet of instruments seen by Vettori, £10.00

Cremona - Liuteria e musica in una città d'arte, (7th Concorso Internazionale)1994, £45.00

Celebrazioni Stradivariane 1737-1987: Mostra di Liuteria Contemporanea Cremonese, £15.00

Catalogo degli Strumenti dell’Istituto della Pietà Venezia, M.Tiella, L.Primon, in Italian, £30.00

Musical Connections, Ruskin Gallery exhibition booklet, Sheffield 1998, illustrations of instruments/bows by John Basford, Stefano Gibertoni, William Goldsmith, Peter Oxley, Luca Primon, Isabella Streicher and Stéphane Thomachot, £5.00

Liutai Milanesi Contemporanei, promotional booklet, illustrations of instruments by Stefano Gibertoni, Saskia Bergink, Luca Primon, Marco Imer Piccinotti and Isabella Maria Streicher, £5.00

Contemporary Milanese Violin-Makers, promotional booklet, illustrations of instruments by Stefano Gibertoni, Saskia Bergink, Luca Primon, Marco Imer Piccinotti, Renzo Mandelli and Isabella Maria Streicher, £5.00

Lewis String Catalog, September 1949, 8pp, £5.00

Lewis Violin Viola Cello Bass catalogue, December 1948, 40pp, Morizot, Laberte, Diedonne,

   Collin-Mezin, Apparut etc, some with b/w images, £15.00

Lyon & Healy Collection of Rare Old Violins, 24pp, some b/w images,  price list, £15.00

Lewis Collection Old Violins Old Violas Cellos Bows, catalogue, 52pp, spring 1955,, price list, £15.00

Lewis Collection Works of the Makers of the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries, catalogue, spring 1955  

   50pp, front cover missing, some pencil annotations,missing corner to title page, £5.00

Rudolph Wurlitzer Company Good Violins Bows and Accessories, catalogue,1938, 64pp, some

   staining particularly to back cover, 64pp, £15.00

Rudolph Wurlitzer Company Collection 17th, 18th and 19th Century Rare Violins, catalogue, 20pp,

   scuff to front cover, £15.00

Rudolph Wurlitzer Company Old Violins Violas Violoncellos and Bows, catalogue, 1926, 28pp,


William Atkinson price list with testimonials, c. 1907, 4pp, rare, £15.00

Rudolph Wurlitzer Company Volins Violas Violoncellos Double Bass Bows, etc, 1936, 32pp, £15.00

The Violinist, Vol. XLI, No.2, August 1927, £10.00

The Violinist, September 1924, £10.00

The Violinist, Vol. XL, No.4, April 1927, £10.00

William Lewis & Son 86th Anniversary Catalog, 1960, £15.00

William Lewis & Son, catalog No.56, 1956, £10.00

William Lewis & Son, catalog No.52, 1952, £10.00

William Lewis & Son, catalog, 1951, £10.00

W.R. Ford Company Rare Old Violins, 1927, 48pp, overstamped cover and title page ‘W.A.

   Shropshire Old Violins ...’  £15.00

Many Sothebys, Christies, Bonhams, Phillips catalogues from 1980s onwards


The "Secrets " of Stradivari, Sacconi, 1979, £110.00

The Old and Modern Varnishes for Violin Makers, S.L. Corbara, 1987, £115.00

History and Construction of the Violin, G. Foucher, 1897, £15.00

The Principles of Violin Construction, J. Taylor, Kellow reprint, (with Kellow blad) 1984, £10.00

Violin and ‘Cello Building and Repairing, R. Alton, hardback, 1946, £22.00

Violin Making and Repairing, “Work” Handbooks , R. Alton, paperback, 1923, £12.00

Violins & Other Stringed Instruments How to Make Them, “Work” Handbooks, hardback,

  1906, 28.00

Varnishes and Very Curious Secrets, ed. V. Gheroldi, 1999, in paper slipcase, £30.00

F-Modelle Alter Mesitergeigen, H. Edler, 1983, £95.00

Geigenlacke, J. and R. Hammerl, 1988, (in German) £35.00

Violin Varnish, J. Michelman, 1st edition, 1946, (Fine copy!) £95.00

Preservation and Restoration of Musical Instruments, A. Berner et al., 1967, £12.00

Violin-Making as it was and is, E. Heron-Allen, 1978, (Prof. Brian Harvey’s working copy used in

   preparing his book, The Violin Family and its Makers in the British Isles) £30.00

Antonio e Gerolamo Amati Viola 1615 La Stauffer, Technical folder with full-scale reproductions and

   measurements, in English and Italian, £45.00

Romeo Antoniazzi Violino 1909, , Technical folder with full-scale reproductions and measurements,

   in English and Italian, £35.00

Carlo Giuseppe Oddone Violino 1898, Technical folder with full-scale reproductions and

   measurements, in English and Italian, £35.00

Domenico Montagnana Violino 1730-40, Technical folder with full-scale reproductions and

   measurements, in English and Italian, £40.00

Giornata di Studi sul Restauro Liutario, (Violin Restoration Study Day) on the occasion of the

   Cremona Triennale 1976, in Italian and English, £35.00

Notes on Making a Violin, E. Copestake, some spotting to cover, £15.00

Making your own Spanish Guitar, Balalaika & Violin, Specialist booklets No.10, ex-library, £5.00

Manuel Pratique de Lutherie, R. & M. Millant, 1979,  in French, £45.00

Violin Making, W. Mayson, 2nd edition, 1909, £15.00

Basic String Repairs, A. Burgan, 1977, £5.00


The Violoncello and the Viols, E.van der Straeten, First Special Edition, 1915, No.29 of 100 copies.

Original quarter bound vellum, gilt edges to page tops. £250.00

Violins and Violinists, F.Farga, Rockliff/Collector’s Book Club, Limited de Luxe Edition of 200 of which first 50 signed by author. This number 37 signed in green ink. £200.00

Violin Playing as I teach it, Leopold Auer, Duckworth, 1921, copy of George F. Chanot (son of Frederick William Chanot) and signed by him on five pages, newspaper cutting on the Auer Stradivari stuck to opening leaf. £175.00

Die d’Egville – del Gesù, Fridolin Hamma, Fine condition, No.337/500 £195.00

Archive of black and white photographs, the original copies used by Prof. Brian Harvey for publication in his book, The Violin Family and its Makers in the British Isles, an extensive archive which also includes some English instruments not finally included in the publication, £650.00

Linee Classiche Della Liuteria Italiana, (The Classic Lines of Italian Violin Making), C. Vettori, in Italian and English, some scuffs/marks to dustwrapper, Signed by the author, £125.00

W.E. Hill & Sons (1880-1992) A Tribute, R.Sadler, De Luxe Edition No.15/100, in slipcase, £195.00 Musical Instruments: Historic, Rare and Unique, A. J. Hipkins, 1921, London: A. and C. Black, Ltd.

   xxiv, 123 pp. 1 vols. 4to. Illustrated by  48 Plates in colours drawn by William Gibb. Gilt titles on

   spine and front. Cream cloth spine, red cloth sides with some staining, overall very good, £195.00 

Violins and Violin Makers, J. Pearce, 1st edition, 1866, scarce, excellent condition, £120.00

Cream: Jack of All Trades and the Autobiography of a Thief, C. Reade, fine 1st edition, 1858,  with  

   full leather binding and ribbed, gold-blocked spine. £200.00

The Reminiscences of a Fiddle dealer, D. Laurie, first edition, 1924, scarce, £160.00

The Stolen Fiddle, W.H. Mayson, first edition, 1898, with dedication from Mayson to Arthur Hill, ‘To

   Arthur F. Hill, with the kind wishes of Walter H. Mayson, May 22nd 1903.’ ex W.E. Hill & Sons

   Collection  £550.00

Un Progres en Lutherie, N. Simoutre, 1886, inscribed, ‘Offert á Monsieur Arthur Hill par l’auteur N.E.

   Simoutre’, quarter bound leather, ex W.E. Hill & Sons Collection, in French, £750.00

Historique, Construction reparation et Conservation du Violon avec supplément, N. Simoutre,

   1883, inscribed, ‘Offert á Monsieur Arthur Hill par l’auteur N.E. Simoutre’, quarter bound leather  

  ex W.E. Hill & Sons Collection, in French, £750.00

Quelques Considérations sur la Lutherie, A. Tolbecque, 1890, no.44 of an edition of 300, inscribed in pencil, ‘A Monsieur Ad Hill hommage du l’auteur A. Tolbecque’, quarter bound leather, ex W.E. Hill & Sons Collection, in French, £750.00

Luthomonographie, Historique e Raissonnée, 1856, inscribed in ink to Préface page, ‘William E Hill, 58a Wardour Street’, ex W.E. Hill & Sons Collection, in French, £1250.00

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